Celefinniel's Theoden Pages

The overtunic over the black surcoat, and undertunic. The overtunic is brown velvet. The belt is temporary (see the Accessories page).

Detail of the "brown" overtunic embroidery near the bottom front hem showing the two types of trim. The original tunic's trim used custom designs that were machine embroidered on ribbons of the same brown fabric. I found some trim at Britex fabrics in San Francisco that retains some of the character of the original.

The gauntlets do not exactly duplicate the ones in the film. Having made two unsuccessful attempts at duplicating those, I altered the center design to take advantage of the much more clear picture of the young Theoden's shield in the LOTR Weaponry book. The photos I have of the other design are not clear enough to be duplicated very well. The new center design is embroidered, rather than painted. A scan of the nearly completed gauntlet is here. The pattern for the design is here.



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