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My version of the blue surcoat layer is made from a 'cadet' blue velvet, lined with a mid-weight 100% cotton in navy.

The colors I chose are slightly different shades of blue than those used in the film costume, which is shown to the right of this text.

That is because I bought all the fabric (except the cotton lining) at the same time since I wanted to be sure all the colors in the different layers worked together properly. Seen in person the tunic color from the costume used in the films is a bit richer, closer to a 'royal' blue. The sleeves have a very slight turquoise influence and the under tunic from the houses of healing sequence is almost a denim blue with a moire pattern.

I show here a detail of the trim used on the film costume. This is a handmade fully beaded trim which is rather beyond my scope in terms of time and ability, so I searched long and hard to find something similar in character that could be partially beaded. Next to the detail is a picture of the trim I finally selected after three failed trials. This is a 1 1/4 inch jacquard woven ribbon from Cheeptrims. Item RJM-057161.

Here is a photo of the same ribbon after beading and enhancing with additional 1/4 inch gold flat ribbon. The beads used are small gilt round beads, large crystal seed beads lined with silver for the centers of the large roses, petite crystal seed beads lined with silver in the centers of the small gold flowers and navy aurora borealis short tube beads to accent some of the leaves.



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