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I was lucky enough to find some very heavyweight, yet finely woven cotton for the shirt. It was made for upholstery. There are not many good photos of this, since Bilbo keeps his vest on. The sleeves can be seen, but it is difficult to get a good look at the collar. I did some guessing and quite a bit of ripping and re-sewing.

The trousers came from the Goodwill store. I was fortunate to find a very similar color and fabric appearance to the research photos. I also purposely bought them an inch or two bigger than he usually wears them. I added buttons for the braces, which we already had. Shortened the legs, and put the buttons on the legs. The buttons were originally white. I could not find anything in grey similar to the correct ones, so I painted them to match.

The cravat was tricky. I wanted a silky fabric, but could not find a match for the pine green and yellow paisley used in the film. In fact, I was not finding a match in any fabric. After several tries, I was about to give up, when I ran into a co-worker at the fabric store. When I showed her what I was working on, she claimed to have seen the very thing! in the store! over there SOMEWHERE!. An hour later I finally turned up three quarter flats of pre-cut quilting cotton in a pine green paisley. They are stiched together, then into a tube and has a handrolled hem.

The vest began as a pattern. I used Butterick 3721 because I needed the double-breasted design. The collar on that one was wrong and began too low on the body so I made a rough version in muslin and used it to guide the alterations. The vest in the film seems to be a floral brocade. I had originally planned to use one like it for the vest here, but as luck would have it, the fabric we found for the coat lining was a floral (instead of a vine) so I used the vine pattern on the vest and the floral on the coat, switching the two patterns.



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