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This section is a bit more detailed than the previous ones since I actually had the forsight to take some photos as I went along.

Hobbits need feet. These are the Funny Feet from Easleys in Phoenix, Arizona. Be sure to purchase the "male" version. The "female" version has painted toe nails. These are Bilbo's feet after painting and before I put on the hair.

The feet originally arrive in a truly lurid bubble gum pink. They were painted with acrylic paints. To insure that the paint stays on the feet mix it with Fabric Painting Medium following the instructions on the bottles. A costuming friend gave me this hint after running into some issues with her plastic feet. This leaves the paint flexible enough to walk about in without cracking.

The bilbo bottle that looks like nail polish, is in fact, nail polish. I put it on to give the nails a glossier appearance than the rest of the feet.

Once the feet are completely dry, you can add the hair. I purchased "Wavy Wool" at the craft store. It can be dyed any color to match the wig you are using for the hobbit. I attached the hair to the feet with "Goop". I discovered this adhesive while making the mask for the Sorcerer (see the BayCon 2004 photos). It works well for latex applications and stays flexible.

On to the costume! I always start by collecting all the different photos I can find of the costume. My task was to replicate the Birthday Party outfit so that it could be worn to the annual LOTR Picnic in San Francisco. It would be seen up close and get considerable attention since the wearer was giving "The Party Speech". I began building it from the skin out. This is one of the costumes from the film worn by the bilbo size Bilbo double.



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