Historically Inspired

Click on the photo to access the information on the Georgian ribbon embroidered suit I made in 2013

A relic of earlier times. These were made in the 1970's based on a Franco Zefferelli film.

Our trip to Egypt in 2000 was the first time we attempted any modern historical costuming.

We've usually attend the Regency Ball at BayCon and the GBACG also has Regency events, so we needed some suitable apparel. Fortunately I still have some gowns from the 60's and 70's when empire waists were last popular, but the rest had to be made.

Pirates of the Caribbean inspired a spate of early American costumes. The blue suit is the genuine Governor Swann hero costume from the first Pirates of the Caribbean film.

Here's the page for how to make the Victorian Hat I wore for a "historic fashion show" in 2007.


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