The Unsent Postcards of Celefinniel in Middle Earth

At this point in the saga reality intrudes again for the last time. I was obviously going faster than many of the other walkers, so knew that I would hit Rivendell with no problem. Then the light went on, as they say. I knew by this time that we were going to New Zealand for the premiere. What if I could make it to some spot we planned to visit and include that in my walk? The next "postcard" was sent to the other challenge walkers, not my imaginary comrades in Middle Earth.


Now that I'm within apple-tossing distance of Rivendell, I'm considering heading on to Moria. The spouse says "What about that Balrog?" I say "What about it, Galdalf already killed it." He says that I gotta "play the game". I met the Ranger, so between Bree & Weathertop I took a beginning saber fighting class (to see if I have any aptitude - attack instinctively good, defense not good) and will consider taking it up next year.

Got to Weathertop and between there and Trolls did a triathlon (didn't have a Frodo to wound ~ so beat myself up instead). Now he says I need a "Balrog" for Moria. If I don't get any other ideas from my fellow walkers, I may have to take on my own personal Balrog, the dreaded flabby abs. Urk!

Anybody got some other ideas for a Moria challenge? I am relying on the walkers to come up with something so I won't need to consider the dreadful Butts & Guts class at the gym!


They did not come up with any other suggestions. I tried, and hated the class, so 30 sit-ups per day on the incline board. Balrog enough for anyone, in my opinion. After this our story in Middle Earth resumes.



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