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This is version 2.0 of the front of the dress. It was altered as more images of the real costume became available. The front section was removed below the belt and replaced with the current lined panel. The two side panels were also re-lined to match the underskirt. The overdress is of rayon velvet. The underskirt is of upholstery brocade. In the film this is fabric also has metallic threads woven into it.

The underskirt is box pleated, rather than gathered so that it will exhibit fullness, while lying flatter at the waist. The basic pattern used for the dress is Simplicity 9891.

The yoke is from the same fabric as the dress but has a hand applied random design of gold botanical style trim to replicate the feeling of the fabric used in the film. That fabric turned out to be the lining fabric edged with a piece of wide heavy metallic lace trim. Having already ripped the skirt out, replaced the back fasteners twice, etc. I just couldn't face replacing the neck, and I had run out of lining fabric in any case.

The sleeve was created from the two sleeve patterns of Simplicity 9891. One was used for the close fitting undersleeve. That same pattern was altered at the elbow to make a wide hanging sleeve. The hanging sleeve is fully lined with with same fabric as the undersleeve and the underskirt.

This shows the shape of the pattern that was used for the bell sleeves. At the top is the new undersleeve pattern and the lining. At the bottom is the new bell sleeve pattern.

The belt was purchased at a discount store and is being worn with the fastener in the back. The skirt of the over dress can be tucked into the belt. Two loops have been installed in the seam at belt level to help take the strain of the looped up flap.



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