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Scale construction. Scale sizes were estimated by making a paper mock-up of Theoden's mail skirt. Gamling's scales were then estimated to be near the same size based on counting the scales in the costume and comparing to the Theoden mock-up.

The scales are cut by hand from ABS plastic in strips. This is not a job for the weak of hand! I used Cutco scissors, the ones that can cut a penny in half. I still got numb hands. I STRONGLY recommend wearing gloves to distribute the pressure and not trying to cut too many at one time. These are Gamling's scales. Theoden's are more 'coffin' shaped.

The scales are then painted on the SHINY side with Krylon hammered metal paint. We used silver. Do not paint on the textured side as the texture will defeat the hammered appearance of the paint.

The holes were punched with a GBC comb binder punch prior to painting.

At this point Theoden's scales are partially cut through. Leave a small, 1/4 inch or so, at the top that is not cut. This will be cut through AFTER the scales are sewn on to the garment. Cutting Theoden's before bending makes it easier to do the required two bends (making an X in the center of the scale). Gamling's work better if they are bent first, then partially cut.

The scales are then bent (on the edge of the kitchen counter) by hand. Scale construction is the same for both characters EXCEPT that Theoden's coffin shaped scales are bent twice, once along each diagonal, in order to get the correct shape.

The scales were stitched by hand onto the prepared clothing. Both base garments are made of either twill or denim and trimmed with vinyl in colors appropriate for the characters. The mail skirt had grommets puched into the top so that it could be attached to a belt.

On the next page we will look at the method of creating the special scales in King Theoden's skirt.



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