Celefinniel's Comrades in Arms Pages

These pages chronicle the five month process of construction of the various costume layers for the armor Theoden & Gamling wear throughout The Two Towers. There are so many people we need to thank for inspiring and consulting with us on these...

  • Daniel Falconer ~ designer
  • Bruce Hopkins ~ the 'real' Gamling
  • The JediElfQueen ~ who went there before us
  • Judy/Gimli ~ leatherworker extrordinaire
  • Juan and Bill at Leather Factory, Union City
  • Our dear friend Carolyn/Frodo and her buddy Kim/Hermione ~ esquires of Rohan
  • Our hairdresser (and my costuming therapist) Jeanette
  • Laurelinda ~ Comic Con video provider
  • The folk at ACS and LOTR Costuming Yahoo Group
  • And several of the guys at Tap Plastics in Mt. View.

We'd never have managed it without you!

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Amazingly, no spouses were (lastingly) injured or marriages destroyed in the making of these costumes...and of course I GREW the beard.




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