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These pages show selected photos from BayCon 2006. Use the navigation buttons at the bottom of each page to navigate to the next or previous page, or to return to the home page. This year the theme was 'Tales of Purple Space'. We look lousy in purple, so you won't see much here.

Economics of Interstellar Warfare

The earliest risers at Collecting & Preserving Historical Software Panel

Harry Potter Wand Making Workshop

Extrasolar Planets Panel

Smoke and Mirrors Panel

Women in Beards Panel

Line for the Masquerade

1929 Phantom of the Opera - Red Death
(that's my boy!)

Qui Gon Jin and Darth Maul

King Arthur and Squire (I think he's Not Dead Yet)
from 'The Spam-ish Inquisition

A Go-Go Boy from Jupiter

and James, The Master of Toast

Trailerpark, fewer costumes, same 200 fans

Beautiful Hall costume Monday morning

Killing Bill, Hall costume

One of our resident space scientists, Hall costume

Pirates Second Annual Pub & Plunder session

"Leave the silver until after we finish eating!"



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