Celefinniel's BayCon Pages

These pages show selected photos from BayCon 2004. Use the navigation buttons at the bottom of each page to navigate to the next or previous page, or to return to the home page. If you see photos of yourself (or suspect that I have one of you), e-mail me for the higher resolution versions, or to request removal of your picture.

Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi helps his class of graduating padwans make their first lightsabers.

We were on panels this year for the first time!

'Flash Gordon on Mars' takes part in "Mars Through History".

The costume exhibit.

Jack Sparrow and a fan girl.

Cordelia Naismith and her husband Aral Vorkosigan.

Their son Miles Vorkosigan and Bellatrix. All at the L.M.Bujold BOF.



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