Celefinniel's Arwen Pages

The overdress is of rayon velvet in the color lime shimmer. The underdress is of white cotton lace over a lining of avocado green organza. The basic pattern used for both parts Vogue 1737.

As there were few pictures of this dress when I made it, and is does not get much screen time in the films, so a lot of what was done is only guess work on my part. From photos of the advertising standee it was fairly obvious that the main pattern was similar to the blood red dress so I began there, choosing a pattern with the boat neckline and no darts. I did not use a zipper.

When the commercial standee became available I purchased that also and made a few additional changes.

Since I planned to wear this dress while dancing, it has loops installed under the edges of the train, where the godets insert into the main side seams.

The underdress is fully lined with the exception of the bell sleeves. This particular pattern of cotton lace was selected because of the oval motifs, which were the closest thing I was able to find to the motifs of the original fabric. The front of the underdress is ankle length to allow for dancing.

The sleeve was created by taking a short close fitting sleeve from another pattern and altering it to fit the vogue pattern. The bell sleeve is a full circle with a hand-rolled hem. I was aware at the time of making this, that more sleeve details are bound to appear over time, so I did what I could to make later alterations easier.

The upper sleeves are hand beaded with antique beads in various shades of white, ivory and pale grey. The sleeve border and the neckline are trimmed with white soutache braid and glass pearl beading.

The basic elven circlet was made by Etelier des Elfes. The chains and crytals were added by me, replacing some that had been previously attached, and adding additional ones.

The final version of the gown. This one has the alterations I was able to make after the film version came out. Here it is next to a 'friend' for comparision. You can tell that I am one exceptionally short elf.



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