We've done a few events with Tales of the Seven Seas a pirate re-enactor group. These folk are a fun "crew". The whole thing started when we bought one of the Governor Swann hero costumes from Disney after the first Pirates of the Caribbean film (see under historical).

We also have a pirate group that runs around at the Bay Area Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention. The groups overlap a bit at times.

Now we have two more personas to play with: Commodore Philip Ashe (flagship 'Draco') and Captain Anne Flint (aka Awful Annie). Not having time to do much from scratch and still wanting to go to events, I had to do some 'thrift store costuming' for these characters when the high end pirate gear we ordered in May kept NOT arriving as promised. A sad tale not suited for this venue.

Here are the bought items and their suppliers:

  • Pirate hats, eyepatches and our flag courtesy of the Pirate Store at 826 Valencia
    Really nice people and a fun place to visit, with more items than show on the website. Go in for a swabbing. The lard is choice.
  • Capt. Flint's white Saberist outfit, her baldric, the Commodore's trousers and his leather vest are all from Ravenswood Leather
  • Annie's spanish pistol courtesy of a shoppe at the 2005 Casa De Fruta Ren. Faire. "A fine weapon for a lady!"
  • The Commodore's dragon walking stick courtesy of a shoppe at the 2004 Casa De Fruta Ren. Faire. "Handcarved, unique and versatile", it is also a dragon and thus suitable for both Commodore Ashe and Bilbo (we all remember Smaug, I hope).

Cold Weather Gear

We wanted to go to the Holiday Parade with the crew, but were hampered by the fact that the afore mentioned cold weather gear was not showing up. Therefore a trip to the thrifts for some old leather coats.

Capt. Anne Flint
Saberist dress

Philip Ashe - disgusting pirate

Commodore Ashe & Awful Annie
Thrift Store pirates

BayCon pirates 2005



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