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I knew there would be compromises and the first one is the suit fabric. I was willing to pay a reasonable amount for ribbed or corded silk and did look for it for about three months.

Even when I found it, it was either a) too finely ribbed, b) too shallowly ribbed (flat) or c) nowhere approaching a usable color. I was willing to go with a pastel of another shade or even a silver gray, but could not find anything. Therefore I will be using 8 wale cotton corduroy.

There is no one person that has been found responsible for the invention of the fabric, but it was made in England sometime around 1780 and cotton was anything but cheap in Europe in those days, so perhaps it will pass for a "luxury" fabric and the color is close to the original. I even made certain to get enough extra to replace the breeches when they wear out!

Update! I have found evidence that the fabric I chose is period correct. There is a suit in the historic collection at Williamsburg. A man's suit of printed velveret (cotton velvet textile) ca. 1780 Origin: England. It can be seen in the online e-museum here: man's suit


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