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Masquerade Documentation

Here is a link to our slide deck from our class at Costume-Con 39 Online. There is also an article on this topic in volume 18 issue 4 of the Virtual Costumer ezine.

Below are also copies of some of the documentation we have submitted for various maquerade competitions. We retain the copyrights to our documentation and only allow them to be viewed or downloaded for personal use. They may not be reproduced or redistibuted in whole or in part.

These are other places you can look at some documentation examples. Please respect the creator's rules on their use.

Documentation of the recreation of the statue of Athena Parthenos.

A Mariachi Charro costume. Notice the Bibliography / List of sources at the end.

Late 14th century Italian Womans Gown entered for an SCA competition.

Aurora Celeste documentation blog pages.


Becoming Bilbo


The Rehearsal
(Georgian suit)

Cardinal Richelieu


Comrades in Arms (Rohan Armor)

The Phantom of the Opera 1923 (Red Death)

Entrance Into Rome (Cleopatra)


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